65 Yr OId Retired Boxer Puts Hands On A Disrespectful 24 Yr Old Street Thug

So many of the videos we bring you each day are set in ghettos and streets. Now we’re not entirely sure whether these people have jobs or kids or both, but there has got to be a better way to use their time! Most of us really don’t have time to be throwing down with people in the middle of the day. But once again, we find ourselves in a similar situation below.

When the footage opens, we see two men squaring off against each other. The first man is younger, he wears a horizontal black and white striped t-shirt. His opponent is reportedly 75 years of age but seems to still be in relatively good nick. The striped shirt guy immediately calls the older bloke a son of a bitch, and just like that, it’s on.

The 75-year-old takes a bouncy back-seat stance but looks way to skinny and frail to compete with the younger, more virile man. He has relaxed hands and seems to study his opponent whilst waiting for him to strike. There is a large crowd assembled that cheers on the shenanigans hoping to add some light to their day.

The younger man takes a jab at the older man which is easily dodged. It seems like his reaction speeds are still intact. He guards his chin and looks to be beckoning to the younger man, taunting him whilst leaving his right hand low.

The older man easily parries the younger man’s strikes whilst connecting with his own. We see a point where the younger bloke is fed up with being struck and tries to take the old man down. But he still fails and gets himself into a precarious position.

After the fight has switched from boxing to wrestling, a woman with blonde hair tries to break them up but ends up part of the scuffle. She is brought down with the men and the video ends with them in a stalemate, but the crowd knows the older man has convincingly kicked the plucky youngster’s ass. See the footage on the player below.

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